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Vacuum Insulated Piping

African CryogenicsVacuum Jacketed Piping is the preferred piping solution for the safe, reliable, cost-effective transfer of cryogenic liquids from storage tanks to points-of-use within a processing plant. Vacuum Jacketed Piping is ideally suited to prevent product loss. The vacuum seal prevents heat loss due to convection, conduction, or radiation.

Vacuum Jacketed Piping consists of: An inner stainless steel pipe through which the cryogenic liquid flows.
An outer stainless steel pipe that seals a vacuum space forming the "vacuum jacket".
The line can comprise of a number of modules. These modules can be joined on site by welding with “site joints” or by bayonet couplings.

Size from 10mm to 150NB standard

Fully designed and manufactured to clients requirements.


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